After learning this course, you can:

Understand how to deal with common problems in PTZ equipment;

Learn from these common problems, can improve the ability of independent troubleshooting;

Understand the ways and possible causes of the problem;

Deepen understanding of PTZ equipment by handling problems.

【PTZ Issue】

When comes to PTZ equipment, there are a lot of problems about PTZ control problems.

Please open OSD Coordinates and Zoom first.(Setting>Camera>Video>Overlay>OSD info)

Check the PTZ Restart (Setting>PTZ Settings>Function>PTZ Restart) 

If the PTZ self-test is not normal, can't pan or tilt, it may be a hardware problem, send to repair.

PTZ uncontrollable

When PTZ is unmanned, abnormal rotation occurs. Commonly found in analog PTZ or IP PTZ work with VMS platform.

The 485 line is not completely shielded, causing signal interference to control the PTZ rotation, or the platform sends an abnormal command to the PTZ.


Make sure 485 line is completely shielded, or the 485 signal is 

completely shielded by firmware and no command is processed.

If connect to platform, change the PTZ IP to see if the problem reoccurs.

If it is a network PTZ, connect the PTZ directly through LAN and check web pan/tilt control.

1. When the pan/tilt is rotated, the lens image changes and the coordinates do not change, this may be a firmware problem.

Provide the corresponding firmware version, ssh print information and original video for R&D to analysis.

2. When the pan/tilt is rotated, the coordinates change, but the image does not change, which may be a hardware problem.

Provide ssh print information and original video for R&D to analysis.

If it is a HDCVI PTZ, check the PTZ address, baud rate.

1. Check the PTZ  information when reboot.

2. Check the connection and XVR setting.( Main Menu > CAMERA > PTZ)

Make sure the address and baud rate are the same.


1. IR PTZ,  all functions are normal during the day, but no image output when the IR light is turned on at night.

Possible cause 1: The power supply is not standard, and the power is less than the nominal.

Possible cause 2: AC24V low-voltage long-distance transmission, the line loss seriously causes the power supply to the PTZ is insufficient.

2. The PTZ can't be too high to the horizontal position

The PTZ vertical self-test is not correct or the installation position obstacles jam the PTZ. Check the installation, restart the pan/tilt or upgrade the latest firmware.

【Focus Issue】

When comes to image focus fuzzy problems,  check two parts: focusing (software and hardware) + images (human eye vision).

The sharpness depends to a large extent on the 

subjective feelings of the person, so the image 

blur is not equal to the device focus blur.

How to quickly determine whether the image blur

 is a problem with the device focus problem or is

 there a deviation in the human eye?

Subjective feelings

1) The image is not clear, but there is no specific problem.

2) Products PK, feedback our camera is poorer

First confirm whether the parameters such as the resolution and bit rate. (PK test please keep in the same environment with same parameters)

Manually click the zoom +- to test whether the focus can be sharper. 

Identify the problem points and demand points that the customer said. 

All blur when modify zoom-+

1) No matter how zoomed, you can’t get together.

2) Several fixed positions may be clear.

3) Manual control of the focus can not be really clear.

Root cause of failure:

1) PTZ hardware problem, sensor board abnormality or PI structure damage.

2) The focus curve on the movement software is missing or inaccurate and needs to be re-corrected.

3) The motor is out of step.

Motor out of step can be directly clicked on the lens initialization to try to recover.

If it occurs after a period of use,  it is probably hardware damage.

It may be affected by external force, etc.  We recommend to send it for repair.

If the PTZ is new, it is very likely that the focus curve is lost, and the correction curve 

needs to be re-adjusted. (the curve correction generally needs to be returned to the factory)

Transparent dome problem

1) When zoom max, the image has ghost and the image is blurred.

2) The horizontal angle of view is   more blur.

Root cause of failure:

The problem is caused by a transparent cover. The cover is made up of two parts. The two parts have different focus and different refractive indexes, which leads to blurring when zoom max.

This is a general problems in the industry, and it is temporarily impossible to continue optimization.

Laser night vision effect problem

1) The PTZ can't see the whole scene with zoom min.

2) In zoom max can't see the water surface and the trees on the shore.

3) The focusing speed is slow, and the focus is not clear.

Root cause of failure:

1) The illumination is too low, causing the focus to not find the point correctly.

2) The biggest advantage of laser pan/tilt is that can see far away, but the effect of zoom min may be worse than IR.

【Onvif Issue】

If the client has problem when adding our PTZ to VMS, you can use Onvif Device Manager to check the problem is our PTZ or VMS.

If ODM shows failed to get video preview when adding PTZ.

Check these:

1. Open onvif service in “Setting > System > Safety > System Service”.

2. Close onvif authentication in “Setting > Network > Access Platform > ONVIF”.

3. Login ODM  input onvif account name and password. (usually: admin/admin)

4. You can use onvif device manger to check the video, audio, PTZ function. Also modify the onvif account password.


If the onvif function has problem, check these below:

1. Check the network.

Onvif protocol should be used in the same segment.

2. Check the onvif account information and port.

If the account or port is not right, you can’t get access.

3. Check the version of the camera and NVR onvif

If the version time span is large, please update the old version to the latest one

the end