After this course, you will be able to:

Achieve a more accurate, comprehensive and effective problem feedback;

Avoid duplicate information collection and communication;

Master the submission specifications for different types of ITR cases.

Know how to describe the problem the customers have got.

【On-site Information Collection】

The project information


  Project Name


  Customer information 

  Customer type

Case owner/contact information



  Phone number


HDCVI device information

  Model name


  Software Version (We always suggest the customer upgrade the device to the latest firmware that Dahua has released.) 

Other products related or connected 


  Platform model/version

  Docking agreement:ONVIF/Dahua/CVI/CVBS/AHD/TVI/third-party

Check the firmware version on the local menu of XVR, please go to the path:

  Main Menu > INFO > VERSION

You can also check the firmware version of XVR through the web client. Please go to the path:


For the CVI camera, in the local live view interface, right click within the live view window of the camera that you want to configure.

Click the icon and click Enter button to enter the OSD menu of the camera.

Choose Advanced-System info to see the version information.

On the web live view interface, you can also check the firmware version of the CVI camera.

Click the item(below)  to call the OSD menu of the camera.

Choose advanced to see the firmware version

Problem description

Where the problem happen? On web interface or local menu or PC client or APP

Describe the problem in details.

Attach pictures and   videos of the problem.  

If it is a image problem, the attached picture or the video clips should be the original pictures and recording videos exported from the faulty device. 

Explain the cable type and transmission distance between the camera and XVR. 

The quantity of fault device and the total amount of the same device model 

Fault frenquency 

The network environment

Network topology

The contents have been checked at present

Replace power for test

Replace hard disk for test

Replace BNC cable for test

Replace camera for test




Device log

Serial print information

Wireshark capture file

Device IP address for remote access、user name、 password and other environmental information if possible

Videos, pictures..


Degree of emergency

Required specific time for remote assistance

You can also check the following product information on dahua official website or GDP system:


Performance parameter、power requirement、 Hard disk access specification  .etc

Quick Start Guide(QSG)

Product installation and operation introduction

User manual(U&M)

Detailed functional operation introduction


Make sure the device is with the latest released firmware if possible


Master the information collection and feedback for a HDCVI product case.