After learning this course, you can:

Be familiar with the method of submitting ITR case;

How to better describe the problem;

Helps solve problems faster and better.

【Case Type】

When submitting a question, please select the correct Case Type

1. Pre-sales issues: Product consulting, PK solution, Solution.

2. Technical issues: On-site TS 

Configuration problems, software and software platform problems.

3. Quality issues: Product Quality Issue, Product Test & Acceptance

Product quality problems:  Products can not meet the specifications, including material problems, hardware failures, appearance, label problems, water mist or water intake, and other issues, etc. 

Product Test & Acceptance: Products Dead on Arrivial

【On-site TS】

1. Enter case topic

2. Enter customer name

3. Fill in the product model related to the required questions. Provide correct and complete models, if uncertain please offer PN and SN in description.

4. To fill in the firmware version, you need to fill in the detailed version number and version time

1. Firmware version: such as General_SD-Yin-Demeter_Eng_P_Stream3_V2.460.0000.2.T.20170620

2. It is better to provide a web screenshot containing the network program & PTZ version, SN. (put it in attachment)

3. If it involves the problem of docking with other product lines, it is necessary to provide the docking product model and firmware version.

Fill in the required fields with * according to the actual situation

Fill in Description 

1. Briefly describe the field problem

2. The operation of how to reproduce the problem

The problem frequency (if it happens random, how is the frequency). Whether it is a common or individual problem.

3. Initial trouble-shooting on-site

4. If the client provides a remote environment, you can synchronize it by email to prevent the problem from being stuck in the process.

Upload attachment

Collect the relevant information, include snapshot, video, capture package files and so on.

If you upload attachment, please rename the file name or indicate the content of each attachment. For example, Attachment 1 is the normal video, Attachment 2 is the abnormal video. Attachment 3 is the capture package of the problem recurring, device IP, platform IP.

【Product Quality Issue】

1. Enter case topic

2. Enter customer name

3. Fill in the product model related to the required questions

4. To fill in the status

1.Fill in the order number of the defective products

You can use SN to find the order number in Serial Lookup at lower left corner on salesforce interface

2. Enter the number of failed products

3. Fill in the total product quantity

4. Enter the fault product serial number

5. Describe the product failure phenomenon, it is best to take a video or photo to show the problem

1.Input equipment part number

You can use SN to find the equipment part number in Serial Lookup at lower left corner on salesforce interface

2. Fill in the site environment, including power supply voltage, etc.

【Product Test & Acceptance】

Fill in the same way as the Product Quality Issue

【Good example】

With detail and clear description.

The initial trouble-shooting on-site and the test firmware version.

Offer the snapshots of the firmware version. 

【Bad example】

No detail description


Understand the submission specifications for different types of ITR cases.

How do we describe the product problem we‘re having and how do we let second-line technicians know about the problem you’re having.

Please try your best to fill in complete and comprehensive information, so as to better judge and solve problems and meet customer needs.