1. After learning this course, you can:
    1. Understand how to deal with common problems in VDP equipment;
    2. Learn from these common problems, can improve the ability of independent troubleshooting;
    3. Understand the ways and possible causes of the problem;
    4. Deepen understanding of VDP equipment by handling problems.



  1. Case analysis
  2. Audio class
  3. Connection class
  4. Other classes


1.1 Case analysis | Case 1

Problem description:

“We have a VTO1210BW connected to a DEE1010B and a VTH. The system works, but cannot open the second door, on the VTH that option os not enabled.”

Mind mapping

The process:

First, we check to see if the network connections and wiring between the devices are working properly. Discovery is good.

Then, we decide whether these models can be used together.

It is ok to.

Then we check the configuration, the site can open the first door, so this should be no problem.


The solution

Finally, we found out that the client was using version V3.12, which did not support the second lock, so we advised the client to upgrade the VTO and VTH programs to the latest SIP2.0 version. and solve the problem.


1.2 Case analysis | Case 2

Problem description:

“VTS5240B unable to update the latest SIP2.0 baseline program, progress bar on VDPconfig tool has remained at 0%, there is no response, I use SIP2.0 program version for General_VTS5240B_Eng_P_SIP_V4 300.0000000.6. R. 20181116. bin There is no problem upgrading another VTS5240B using the same SIP2.0 program.”

Mind mapping


The process:

First of all, let's make sure that the network connection between the upgrade tools and devices is normal.

It is OK.

Then we thought about whether there was a mistake in the way we upgraded.

Still true.

Finally, we check the version of the program that needs to be upgraded and the current version of the program.

We found a problem!


The solution

We found that the client describing the other equipment upgrade is normal, preliminary ruled out upgrades incorrectly and network failure, we found that the customer is telling V1.000.0000000.0. 20180604 version upgrade to V4.300.0000000.6. R. t. 20181116 version, it is not allowed, so we suggest customers to use a serial port upgrade, problem solving.


2. Audio class

Q: When talking on the phone, one side is silent and the other side is silent?

A: The main check line is abnormal, the network line in the fifth and sixth core.


Q: No sound at all?

A: Check the line or confirm that the registration status is normal.


Q: Occasionally there is a sound (some call is silent, some call is silent)?

A: Check for IP conflicts or catch analysis.


Q: The voice broke?

A: Check whether the volume setting of the door machine is too large.


Q: There is no video?

A:Check the seventh and eighth core wires IN the circuit, check whether the video format of the gate machine is D1, check whether the distributor IN and OUT ports are inserted inversely or the distributor is IN the state of power failure.


Q: Video has white line or flower screen?

A: Repair and replace the screen.


Q: The management machine actively monitors the doorway machine without image?

A: Version matching problem, can update the program to 2017.4 version or add user name, password are "888888" account.


Q: Can call, can't monitor?

A: IP conflicts are very likely. Check the IP address.


3. Connection class

Q: VTH configuration parameters are correct, but cannot be registered online?

A: Check whether the user name used in SIP server parameters is correct, if not, check 

whether the network between the first VTO and VTH added is smooth.


Q: VTH configuration parameters are correct, but the platform is not online?

A: Can log in platform or VTH, mutual PING, whether normal.


Q: Villa machine can not breathe indoor machine?

A: Priority check configuration and access control management call number needs to be changed to the room number of the indoor machine.


Q: VTH cannot be added to VTO?

A: Verify that VT and SIP programs are mixed.


4. Other classes

Q: The program failed in 2017?

A: Custom procedures and common procedures can not upgrade each other, with serial upgrade.


Q: VTO to VTS cannot unlock?

A: Version matching problem, can update the program to 2017.4 version or VTO add user name and password are "888888" account.


Q: After the VTS5240B upgrade, the device failed to start and kept restarting?

A: Confirm that HWID number is 5240B. If it is 8240B, change it back to HWID number of 5240B.


Q: VTO calling platform, automatically hangs up after 2 seconds?

A: The platform service IP is, which needs to be changed to the actual IP.


Q: Vt master and slave door machine system, from the door machine impassable indoor machine?

A: No room number added from the door machine.


Q: VTT one call, VTS automatically hang up?

A: VTS bell time cannot be zero.


Q: VTO with network controller simulation system, call VTH, VTH can not see the image?

A: Select D1 for VTO video format.


Q: Digital indoor machine registered IP and room number change frequently?

A: 1. Check whether there are IP conflicts.

2. Whether the number of the door machine is in conflict or not".


Q: Serial port update failed?

A: 1. If the program version span is too large, the transitional version needs to be upgraded.

2. Confirm whether the procedures are correct and whether the equipment parameters are normal. 

3. UBOOT partition is re-upgraded.


Q: VTH connected to the detector, does not generate alarm?

A: 1. Whether the VTH alarm and protection setting are correct.

2. Check whether the line connection is correct.

3, single test VTH alarm is normal.


Q: The distributor cannot supply power to the indoor machine or the power supply is abnormal?

A: 1. Verify that the device is an distributor, not a floor switch.

2. The allocator does not match the VTH version.

3. VTO debugging is not connected, and the distributor does not get the room number.

Q: How is the door lock of VTO2000A wired?





  1. By understanding some common problems, we can know the solutions to those problems, and at the same time, we can have ideas to solve similar problems.The more we know about this basic problem, the more problems we can solve on our own.