After learning this course, you can:

1. Know more clearly about which information you need to provide;

2. Reduce duplicate information collection;

3. Improve the efficiency about solve the issue;



1. Necessary feedback

2. Different cases


1.1 Necessary feedback| Firmware version&Model


1.2 Necessary feedback| Description

1. site network topology;

2. WEB configuration information;

3. PN NO. or SN NO. (If the device had been customized, it needs to provide PN NO. or SN NO.)

1.3 Necessary feedback| site network topology



1.4 Necessary feedback| WEB configuration information


2.1 Different cases |Video Lag

  1. 1. site network topology, including the description of bandwidth;
  2. 2. If docking exists, the docking protocol must be clear;
  3. 3. Confirm if there is an IPC device side problem and do the following:

a.Connect to PC test, Verify the existence of Lag phenomenon through WEB, VLC and SDK Demo;

  1. WEB: check IPC itself has the lag or not;
  2. VLC: check rtsp stream if the IPC and back-end use rtsp to pull stream;
  3. SDK Demo: check the stream on IPC through SDK is normal or not when IPC and back-end connect with dahua private protocol;

b.If part a confirms that it is normal and there is no lag, it will start to check the switch, network line, network bandwidth, back-end equipment, etc. 


2.2 Different cases |Matching Acess

  1. 1. Docking protocol; the problem recurrence operation
  2. 2. Export the WEB log information of both front and back end device (including the problem process)
  3. 3. the front end device provides the print information and the back end device provides the packagestart from the device add to the repetition of problem Provide the IP address of the device


2.3 Different cases |Image issue

  1. 1. WEB capture;
  2. 2. WEB recording(Don’t use mobile recording);
  3. 3. operation procedure(use mobile recording);


2.4 Different cases |Intelligence issue

  1. 1. installation picture
  2. 2. web recording when trigger the smart plans
  3. 3. Intelligent configuration(screenshot);
  4. 4. AI product: send back as much original video data as possible, and video content should include no detection or no recognition of relevant targets.(check according to Product construction instruction manual to confirm the device is installed in the right way)



  1. 1. Device model, firmware version, ONVIF version , SN, WEB configuration and system topology is the necessary feedback information;
  2. 2. different case , different detail feedback information.