• DSS_WEB and MySQL stopped

  • Face Detection Picture problem

  • IVS alarm notification problem

  • Other FAQ

DSS_WEB and MySQL stopped

1、Problem:DSS_WEB and MySQL stopped
model:DSS pro/DSS express/DSS4004-S2-W

2、Troubleshooting steps

model:DSS pro/DSS express/DSS4004-S2-W

Root: The problem was caused by Network card change.

For the database password is related to the network card used during DSS installation, If the network card changed , the databases will stopped,

Beside, it also will cause the license failure

Solution: find the original network card. 


  • Pls tell client that don’t change the network card after installation,  
  • After installation, pls take a picture of current network card as backup
  • If client has license.dat , pls keep it as backup. R&D can help to find the original network card 

How to get network card info

【Face Detection Picture problem】

1、Problem:There is no face detection picture in DSS client

model:DSS pro/DSS express/DSS7016-S2/DSS4004-S2/DSS4004-S2-W

Phenomenon 1:There are no face pictures under the client face recognition module

2、Problem:There is no face detection picture in DSS pro/express client

Phenomenon 2:Face Recognition>face search>record

When searching history face pictures, it just shows the records, no picture

3、Troubleshooting steps

Step1  Check DSS configuration:

Make sure that you have set picture disk ,

If the version of DSS is 7.002.00002 or the version of express is V1.000.00003, you need to create common picture disk

Step2  Check the front-end device configuration,Make sure that the device has detect/ recognize face  and can search records

Step3  Using sdk demo to test the front-end device , make sure that it has send face snapshot to DSS 

step4  if working on LAN, we needn’t check this step, 

If working on WAN, we should mapped those ports, especially the port of MQ, port 61616.


We can see the face snapshot in the face recognition module 

【IVS alarm notification problem】

1、Problem :DSS didn’t receive IVS alarm notification

model:DSS pro/DSS express/DSS7016-S2/DSS4004-S2/DSS4004-S2-W

Phenomenon :The IVS alarm has been triggered,But the DSS client didn’t receive it

2、Troubleshooting steps

step1  check the intelligent type.

step2  Check DSS configuration

Need to link user on the page below

Event——Add alarm plan——link user

step3  if working on LAN, we needn’t check this step, 

If working on WAN, we should mapped those ports, especially the port of MQ, port 61616

Step4  check front-end device configuration

The intelligent alarm uploaded to the DSS must contain pictures, otherwise it will be filtered out. 

 pls check that the screenshot is enabled on the device

a、select :setup>event>IVS,enable “snapshot”,

b、click “set”,select the link channel


Can query the alarm record

【Other FAQ】

Example of FAQ

Q:Why cannot people use the configured password to directly open the door?

A:The first generation of access control devices use card password and need to set up the card+password method for opening the door, with the involvement of the card; people can use the configured password to directly open the door in the case of the second generation of access control.

Q:Why does the DSS Express License become invalid?

A:License file contains hardware information related to the DSS installation server. Changes to hardware can make the license invalid. Contact Dahua sales representative in this case

Q:How to solve the problem of system port being occupied?

A:Look at the conflicting service ports in DSS Server and modify them accordingly.