• Basic device information
  • Problem description

  • Initial trouble –shooting

  • Remote environment

【Basic device information】

1. Enter case topic

2. Enter customer name 

3. Fill in the product model related to the required questions. Provide correct and complete models

4. To fill in the firmware version, you need to fill in the detailed version number and version time

【Basic device information| DSS Model】

1、the model of DSS

Linux OS

DSS7016; DSS4004; DSS7016-S2; DSS4004-S2

Windows OS

DSS4004-S2-W; DSS pro;DSS express

Firmware version of DSS4004-S2/7016-S2/DSS pro

【Basic device information| Integrated device information】

Normally, the problem is caused by VMS or devices, so we need exact information of device


1、IPC uses baseline;

2、IPC uses customized firmware: or ERR190121027-TASK1

【Problem description】

Fill in Description


    a、just one dss ?

    b、hot spare?c、distribute?

    d、Wan or Lan environment?

    e、center storage or edge storage?

    f、IPC was added to DSS directly or add to NVR?

2、dahua device or third party device?

3、add type: IP ? Auto Register?P2P?Domain Name?

4、describe problem with snapshot(full screen) or operation video.

5、Relevant information collected (if you upload attachment, please indicate the content of each attachment. For example, Attachment 1 is the normal video, Attachment 2 is the abnormal video. Attachment 3 is the capture package of the problem recurring, device ip, platform ip)

6、The operation steps of how to reproduce the problem

7、The problem frequency (if it happens random, what ‘s the frequency). Whether it is a common or individual problem.

8、All devices have this problem or only part devices have problem.

【Initial trouble –shooting】

1、what you have checked, including operation step and result.

2、positioning problems preliminarily by tools,

For example, if it is dahua device, pls use dahua SDK demo to test

If it is onvif device, pls use onvif device management to test

【Remote environment——Linux】

1、account and password of TeamViewer; the password of PC

2、the ip, account and password of DSS management web 

3、 account and password of DSS config web 

4、Prepare SecureCRT or Xshell tool,make sure you can login it

download the tool from net or from GKS:

Path: Technical Academy /  Training Materials (EN) /  ITR Materials /  Useful Tool

【 Remote environment——Windows】

1、need remote access to the server,provide the TeamViewer of server;password of PC

2、 the IP , account and password of DSS management web 

3、install Wireshark2.6.x, for example version 2.6.6


【Coordinate environment】

1、If there's an environment in ITR, pls try access it firstly, then R&D will check immediately, 

 If the client provides a remote environment, you can synchronize it by email or wechat to prevent the problem from being stuck in the process.

2、If there is no environment, please coordinate remote time , such as 2019.7.10  9:30 am Beijing time   , 

【Good example】

  1. With detail and clear description.
  2. The initial trouble-shooting on-site
  3. Describe the topology
  4. Have remote environment
  5. Describe the attachment

【Bad example】

  1. No detail description
  2. Not clear