How to set corridor mode in IPC

【1】Product Model(Version)

      All IPC from Dahua with baseline

【2】Description of the problem

When you install the camera in corridor, you may need vertical view. Therefore, you can refer to this document to fulfill corridor mode in IPC

【3】Problem Processing and Root Cause



4-1 Precondition

  • IPC in resolution 4M or below can support corridor mode, if you have camera more than 4M, you can also downgrade the encode resolution to get corridor mode function.
  • You can set the encode by “camera->video->encode”

4-2 Step by Step Instructions

  • You can change the view angle to corridor mode by “setup->camera->conditions->picture”
  • Select the flip to 90°

It is to change the display direction of the monitoring image.  It includes following options: 

Normal: The monitoring picture is normally displayed. 

Flip mode 1: The monitoring picture is displayed with clockwise rotation 90°

Flip mode 2: The monitoring picture is displayed with anticlockwise rotation 90°

180°: The monitoring picture is displayed upside down.