How to get MJPG stream via CGI

【1】Product Model(Version)

      All IPC from dahua with baseline

      All NVR from dahua with baseline

【2】Description of the problem

Some 3rd party may require MJPG streams from Dahua devices

【3】Problem Processing and Root Cause



4-1 Precondition

  • Dahua device only supports MJPG in substream in baseline. Main stream you have to contact technical support for help.
  • Check the MJPG encode in substream, change the encode mode from H.264H to MJPG
    4-2 Step by Step Instructions
    • Type in the right condition of CGI code in web brouser
  • Formula: http://<ip>/cgi-bin/mjpg/video.cgi[?channel=<channelNo>&subtype=<typeNo>]


       Here you have to change the “subtype=1”because we are getting stream from substream. Mainstream we don’t have MJPG.

    • After you enter this link, the account and password are required