【1】Product Model(Version)



Firmware Version Range: firmware released from 2016– 2019

【2】Description of the problem


【3】Problem Processing and Root Cause



3-1 Precondition

NOTE: Before you begin, consider investigating your mail client or application’s security rating, according to Google. If you are using a program that Google does not consider secure, your usage will be blocked unless you enable less secure applications (a security setting that Google does not recommend). For more information see this link to determine the best approach for your mail client or application.

3-2 Step by Step Instructions

SMTP server (i.e., outgoing mail): smtp.gmail.com

SMTP username: Your full Gmail or Google Apps email address (e.g. example@gmail.com or example@yourdomain.com)

SMTP password: Your Gmail or Google Apps email password

SMTP port: 465

SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes

In order to store a copy of outgoing emails in your Gmail or Google Apps Sent folder, log into your Gmail or Google Apps email Settings and:

Click on the Forwarding/IMAP tab and scroll down to the IMAP Access section: IMAP must be enabled in order for emails to be properly copied to your sent folder.

NOTE: Google automatically rewrites the From line of any email you send via its SMTP server to the default Send mail as email address in your Gmail or Google Apps email account Settings. You need to be aware of this nuance because it affects the presentation of your email, from the point of view of the recipient, and it may also affect the Reply-To setting of some programs.

Local Interface of XVR, Test example:

Let less secure apps access your account

If you're an administrator, learn how to control access to less secure apps.

If an app or device doesn’t meet our security standards, Google will block anyone who tries to sign in from that app or device. Because these apps and devices are easier to break into, blocking them helps keep your account safe.

Some examples of apps that do not support the latest security standards include:

  • The Mail app on your iPhone or iPad with version 6 or below
  • The Mail app on your Windows phone preceding the 8.1 release
  • Some Desktop mail clients like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird

Change account access for less secure apps

To help keep Google Accounts through work, school, or other groups more secure, we block some less secure apps from using them. If you have this kind of account, you’ll see a "Password incorrect" error when trying to sign in. If so, you have two options:

  • Option 1: Install a more secure app that uses stronger security measures. All Google products, like Gmail, use the latest security measures.
  • Option 2: Change your settings to allow less secure apps into your account. We don't recommend this option because it can make it easier for someone to break into your account. If you want to allow access anyway, follow these steps:

    1. Go to your Google Account.
    2. On the left navigation panel, click Security.
    3. On the bottom of the page, in the Less secure app access panel, click Turn on access.

      1. If you don't see this setting, your administrator might have turned off less secure app account access.

If you still can't sign in to your account, learn more about the "password incorrect" error.