【1】Product Model(Version)

DSS Express Server


DSS Express Client






【2】Description of the problem


【3】Problem Processing and Root Cause



3-1 Precondition

Power on each device, upgrade each device firmware to the required SIP1.0 version

Connect to the same LAN after configuration.

3-2 Step by Step Instructions

I. Version

II. VTO Setting

  • The default VTO No. is 8001, here you can choose to support building, unit or not, depending whether you need them and need to match with SIP server

III. VTH Setting

Default project password is “888888”

Set room no. such as 9901, set IP, check version,

Input SIP Server IP, port use 5080, SIP password is default 123456, SIP User/password default admin/admin

Add VTO, Input VTO IP, username/password, enable it,


IV. DSS Express Setting

  • Config-Residence Config-Building no., unit no.

  • Device- add device - get info – input SIP ID(such as 9901 for VTH, 8001 for VTO), SIP Password(123456),

  • VTH User: admin


    VTO User: admin Password: admin123 (WEB password)

    Intercom Management-VTO 8001, VTH 9901- directly call by clicking here: