【1】Product Model(Version)


【2】Description of the problem


【3】Problem Processing and Root Cause



3-1 Precondition

IPC were added successfully in NVR, and normal recording,

Installed DSS PRO server successfully.

3-2 Step by Step Instructions

1、After install DSS Pro in the server, HDD total capacity will be shown on home page.

2、in device interface,we can add devices.

3、Storage-Storage Config , we can check all HDD info, set Disk type, video or picture.

3、set record plan as below.

If set 12 hours here, means dss will detect past 12 hours(from 18:51) for missing recordings



5、during 14:43-14:49 17/10, the network disconnected between DSS and NVR. The recording missing in server, we can found it on recorder.

6、The next day, when we check, the recording successfully upload to server again.