【1】Product Model(Version)

Dahua device: DSS7016, DSS7016D, DSS7016DR

Hikvision device : DS-7200HQHI, DS-7200HUHI, DS-7XXXHGHI series: DS-7204HQHI-K1, DS-7208HQHI-K1, DS-7216HQHI-K1,DS-7204HUHI-F1/N, DS-7208HUHI-F1/N, DS-7216HUHI-F2/N, DS-7204HUHI-F1/S, DS-7208HUHI-F1/S, DS-7216HUHI-K2, DS-7332HGHI-SH,

Firmware Version Range: firmware released from 2015 – 2017

【2】Description of the problem

When Hik DVR access DSS and decoding to TV WALL, sometimes there will show “video loss” while we can see the video in DSS Client preview. This might due to stream type of Hikvision, because usually they have two stream types: private and standard.

【3】Problem Processing and Root Cause

As we figure out changing the stream type and restart DSS service may solve this issue.


4-1 Precondition

DSS7016 added Hikvision DVR successfully, use correct account, password, IP, port, etc.

DSS7016 added Matrix/Decoder successfully and can display channels in TV wall

Computer connect to DSS7016 through network

4-2 Step by Step Instructions

  • Login SecureCRT SSH2


Port: 22

User: root

Password: 7ujMko0+config password

  • Add Server IP

Input command

root@Storage:~# who

root            pts/0           00:03   Mar  8 15:32:13

root            pts/1           00:00   Mar  8 15:36:40

root@Storage:~# vi /opt/dss/ip_list/ip_list_cms

add PC IP,

“:wq” to save and quit

  • Open Navicat

Connect DSS database,

Fill in DSS IP and default port is 3306,

User: mysql

Password: 7ujMko0 + Config password

Find table “adm_dev_encoder_unit”

Change stream type of devices:

(PS. 501 当海康设备是ps标准流 M70可以硬解,默认添加501;

801 当海康设备是海康私有流 M70不能硬解,可以软解码)


  • On secureCRT, restart cms sevice

root@Storage:~# killall -9 cms

close DSS Client,

resart DSS Client

Hik DVR should be able to display on TV wall.