【1】Product Model(Version)

VTO Model: Any SIP VTO

【2】Description of the problem

MicroSIP is a popular software that install in laptop to make laptop as a SIP device, and the protocol and scheme are the same with third-party platform. The problem is our SIP VTO can not work well with this third-party issue, we can call each other, but VTO can not work with platform.

【3】Problem Processing and Root Cause

Since this platform has the totally same work scheme with Microsip, so we need to submit a FW Customization requirement to make our VTO can work well with MicroSIP.


4-1 Precondition

Here we set our VTO as SIP server. Use your laptop which installed MicroSIP as a SIP devices. And the microSIP is the monitor.

4-2 Step by Step Instructions

  • (1) Enable VTO as SIP server
  • (2) make the VTO and Microsip in the same network Segment. Here my laptop IP(installed MicroSIP) is; VTO IP is
  • (3) Configure MicroSip Software

Open the software

Add account: Menu-Add Account


    (4) add Microsip as a monitor into VTO


      Then it will show “online”.

      We can use VTO to call MicroSIP Or use MicroSIP to call VTO

      The end