【1】Product Model(Version)

VTO Model: DH- VTO2000A

VTO Version: General_VTOXXX_Eng_P_16M_SIP_V4.300.0000000.1.R.20190305 (SIP FW will be ok)

SIP Phone Model: Grandstream GXV3275(The same for other brand)

SIP Phone Version:

【2】Description of the problem

A lot of end-user want to use Dahua SIP VDP system to work with their existing SIP phone and make SIP phone can also receive the call from VTO. But before I test, we don’t have any User Manual to tell our customer how to configure.

【3】Problem Processing and Root Cause

Test and finish this article, so our customer can following this manual to configure their SIP Phone since all brands SIP phone use the same scheme to work with Dahua SIP VDP System.


4-1 Precondition

Here I take SIP VTO2000A as SIP server and the SIP phone brand is Grandstream.

VTO IP(as server):; SIP phone IP:; SIP Port:5060.

Before setting, please upgrade the SIP phone and VTO to latest Version FW.

4-2 Step by Step Instructions

  • Set SIP Phone

Log in SIP phone web. you can see SIP phone IP in its screen , the default username and password are both “admin”.

Set SIP phone as static IP. here I set it as “”. then click “save”

Check the SIP port. make sure VTO and SIP phone use the same port. Here I set both VTO and SIP phone SIP port as “5060”. then click “save”

Create a account and register it into SIP Server. Please follow the following guide to create the account, then click “save”.

Choose DTMF protocol and set Unlock mode. For now, our SIP VTO can support two unlock type: RFC2833 and SIP INFO. FC2833 support unlock by printing “# VTO password #” ; SIP INFO support unlock by printing “# VTO password #”or“# VTO password ”, then click “save”.

Apply all SIP configurations and reboot SIP phone.

  • Set VTO

Initiation VTO, Log in VTO web and enable the VTO as SIP server.

Set SIP phone account you created just now as villa call No. here I use VTO2000A , it only have one button, So we should set SIP phone account as the villa call No. directly.  then click ”save”.

Add SIP phone account you created just now into VTO.

Check VTO unlock password, here is “123”.

Then Reboot VTO

  • Check the connection Status.

You can check SIP phone register status in it’s web. It shows “registered”.

You can check SIP phone status in VTO. It shows “online”. it shows the connection between VTO and SIP phone has been built.

  • Use VTO to call SIP phone and use SIP phone unlock VTO.

You can press VTO button or print the SIP phone account to call SIP phone. Then you can see the VTO video or so two way talk use SIP phone; and also you can use keyboard to print #123# to unlock (since the VTO password is 123 and the unlock type is # VTO password # ).