【1】Product Model(Version)

         Car locator Model: IPMPGS-221A  Firmware version:No restriction

【2】Description of the problem

        This document will introduce customer how to config our car locator devices.

【3】Problem Processing and Root Cause



A:Install APP

Place APP installation pack in a USB stick, insert USB stick into the device.

Find installation pack in the USB stick, and install app

B:Log in APP

Open APP,and log in(password is admin123456).

2. Enter config system interface, set server IP;select whether to write log

Note: Because log fire will occupy certain memory, if for non-troubleshooting issue, you can turn off it

3. Search vehicle plate, position plate, and go to map to show vehicle tracking info. (Check is display of vehicle tracking info fails on map or APP crash)

C:Collect APP log info when needed

1. In search plate field, enter ‘config’,and enter password (admin123456),enter config interface.

Log out APP.