【1】Product Model(Version)

                   XVR7108HE-4K-X (Firmware: 4.000.0000001.9, Build Date: 2018-08-23)

                   Pos printer simulator: NetAssist-EN

                  IP address:



【2】Description of the problem

                 Our XVR series have POS function, when customers have some problem about using our XVR with POS, this document will help instruct the                         customer how to config all the settings.

【3】Problem Processing and Root Cause



IP address:



1.Check the XVR POS port, it is 38800 by default

2.Set source IP address (Laptop IP address) in XVR POS setting

3.Set line delimiter

It is 0d0a this case, it is the ASC II code “enter”, we need to input “enter” in the simulator sending box at the end of the POS information

4.Enable the POS function in local GUI

5.Connect simulator

PS: Sometimes the simulator can not connect to XVR, please try to disable wireless network card (leave only on network card) on your laptop, disable and enable the POS function in XVR GUI.

This step may take long time to debug….

6.Send information from Simulator and check the result

PS: Please use one single window mode for monitoring