VDPconfig Upgrade Instruction

(From VT and SIP 1.0 to SIP 2.0)

【1】Product Model(Version)

                  VTO Model:VTO3211   FW version: VT & SIP 1.0

                                        VTO2101E   FW version: VT & SIP 1.0

【2】Description of the problem

                  Our customer feedback to us,when they upgrade for our VTO product, they will always meet the ‘fail to upgrade’situation.(mainly for                                     VTO3211,VTO2101E)

【3】Problem Processing and Root Cause

                 This situation always happen when we upgrade for VTO(VTO3211,VTO2101E) from VT or SIP 1.0 to the latest  4.3 firmware.


                when we meet such situation we can use transition firmware.

                For VTO3211:Customer_VTO3211D_Eng_P_32M_SIP_V3.200.0012003.0.T.20181116.zip  

                For VTO2101E:General_VTO2101E_Eng_P_16M_SIP_V1.000.0012000.0.R.20181025.zip


Tips:This mainly happens on VTO3211,VTO2101E, when you meet such situation ’fail to upgrade’, please use the transition firmware or serial port to upgrade,if it still couldn’t solve the problem please use serial port to upgrade.

3. How to use VDPConfigtool to upgrade

 3.1Satrt VDPconfig, find the devices that need to be upgraded (Please see the following picture VTO2111D,

3.2 The third icon on the left side is‘upgrade’,on the top there is ‘search setting’,we can set the password(when the password is device password,we can upgrade for the devices).

3.3 Choose the file what we need to upgrade.(In general we only choose bin.file to upgrade)

3.4 After choosing the firmware,click ‘upgrade’,and then you will see ‘main program’ and ‘MCU program’,if we choose main program we should tick ‘clear config’, it will be upgrading.If you see the green tick, it means the device has been upgraded successfully.

3.5 After finishing upgrading,the device will reboot, and after rebooting , we can default the device to factory, and then please remember to initial the device.