【1】Product Model(Version)

                  NVR model:NVR5-4KS2, firmware version: baseline firmware


【2】Description of the problem

                  We have a kind of POS(POSNET), it’s very popular in the small shop, and some customers have some problem when configuring the POS in                        our NVR,this document show the details about how to config the POSNET.

【3】Problem Processing and Root Cause



1.First connect the NVR5-4KS2 with switch, POS with switch, PC with switch. And set the three devices into the same network segment.

   The way of setting IP for POS:


and then

                2 Konfiguracja

                       2 Konfig. Sprzetu

                         8 TCP/IP

2.Set the configuration in NVR:

SETUP——EVENT——POS, enable POS function, Protocol Type ‘POSNET’, Connect Type ‘TCP_CLIENT’,POS Info enable.

And then click ‘Setting’, here you can input the IP

After click ‘setting’, set the Source IP(POS IP) and Destination IP(NVR IP)

3.Set the port of POS


and then

            2 Konfiguracja

              1 Parametry ogólne

                7 Funkcje komunikacji

                  1 Interfejs PC

And then press

you can set the port

4.Use POSNET Fiscal Printer control software(PXE_Sender_ENG)

Check the information in the following picture(POS IP, POS port),and then please click 4 ‘connection test’, you will see ‘connection test successful’.

And we can click 5 then click ‘send’, you will see the following picture