【1】Product Model(Version)

         All Caesar controller and firmware version

【2】Description of the problem

        About the Caesar controller, there will be lots of customers they use not only one controller, they will always use two or more devices together, so at this time they will connect these devices together, so add slave controller to Caesar controller is necessary for them. This document will instruct the customer about how operate it.

【3】Problem Processing and Root Cause



Step 1: Connect the Caesar controller with the slave controller by two cables.

             Like below, all the slave controllers can connect hand in hand.

Figure 1 All slave controllers hand in hand (Recommended)

Note: The last slave controller should connect a 200Ω resistance to keep the transmission more stable.

Figure 2 All slave controllers connect to one CAN bus, but max 30cm for branch cable

(Not recommend)

Step 2: Set the slave controller DIP switch.

  1~5 are for device ID

Step 3: Electrify all devices.

Step 4: Login Caesar controller web server.

Add Successfully

LED light turn on when slave controller is online.

Step 5:Add Caesar controller to SmartPSS 2.02

You will see all doors from master controller and slave controller automatically.