【1】Product Model(Version)

NVR Model: DHI-NVR4832-I

NVR Version: No specific version restrictions

IPC Model: HFW5442EP-EZ

IPC Version: V2.800.0000000.0.R   Built Date: 2019-05-21

【2】Description of the problem

The customer want to capture one picture when the local alarm is input to the IPC, but the NVR always receive severial pictures. So the customer guess the problem is in IPC and ask Dahua to provide help.

【3】Problem Processing and Root Cause



In normal situation, how to configure the IPC or NVR to ensure capture only one picture when the local alarm is input.

[1]: Mechanism Introduction

    This feature mainly depend on IPC, the NVR is only received pictures from IPC, so the most important thing is configure the IPC correctly. The mechanism of capture pictures in IPC as follow:

If the local alarm will be enabled for a short time(≤ 2 seconds), we can set the “anti-Dither time”=0 and set the “Interval time”=3 seconds, at this time, the IPC will only capture one picture when the local alarm is input.

    Anyway, only when the “Interval time ”≥the “Entire event time”, the capture picture number=1.

[2] Step by Step Instructions(in IPC)

(1)Enable the function and set the Anti-Dither = 0

(2)Select the snapshot type to Event and set the Interval to 3s

 The end