How to install and run the Client

PC Config Requirement

PC Config Requirement
Recommended Config
Graphic Card:Intel® HD Graphics 530 Ethernet Card:1Gbps
DSS client installation directory space:100GB
Min Config
Graphic Card :Intel(R)Sandbridge Desktop Gra Ethernet Card :1Gbps
DSS client installation directory space :50GB

Part1.Install and Run

Step1. To download client, in Internet Explorer, enter IP address of DSS Express server to enter Manager, then click Client corresponding button to download.

Step2. Double click the installation package     to install.

Step3. Check I have read and agree the agreement. Then click “Next” button to continue.

Step4. System default installation path shows in the picture. If you want to change the directory, click “Browse” button to change. Click “Install” button to start installation.

Note: If “Install “button is grey, please check if installation directory is correct, or if free space in the directory is enough for system.

Step5. This process needs about 1-3 minutes, please wait.

Step6. Installation is complete, click “Start now” button to run the client.
Note: If version updates, when you log in client, system prompts to upload client. Please update this client accordingly, otherwise client cannot use.

Part2.Login to the client

If this is the first time for you to log in server, you need to set login password. The default account is system/123456.

Step1.The interface to login to Client shows below.

Step2.Click  to expand server config page.

      Input the username and password. The default account is system/123456.

      Input the IP address of the Express server and the hppts port number (default is 443).

         Click “Login”.

Step3.Enter new administrator password, and click “Next” button to enter security question setup ss

Step4. Set security question, and click OK.

Step5. After you click OK, system will Auto log in and show the Homepage.