How to install server

Server Config Requirement

DSS Server Hardware Requirement
CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1220 v5 @3.00GHz Memory: 8GB
Ethernet card: 1Gps
DSS path capacity: 500G and higher
CPU:     E3-2120
Memory: 8GB Ethernet card: 1Gps
DSS path capacity: 200G and higher


Install and Run

Please set the IP address and Time of the server.

Step1. Double click   to enter installation mode.

Step2. Please check I have read and agree the DSS agreement. Click “Next” to continue.

Step3.Server default installation path is C:\DSS Express\Server. If you want to change path, click “Browse” and select other path. Click “Install” to start installation.

Note: If “Install” button is gray, then check if installation path is correct, or if space of this path is higher than required space.

Step4.The whole process needs about 5-10 minutes, please wait.

Step5. After nstallation is complete, click “Run” to open server.

Step6.After the server is running, system shows DSS Express system configure page.