How to configure: 1 VTO + 1 VTH


VTO2000A   (

VTH1550CH   (

Note: When you want to connect the devices, please make sure the IP address of VTO and VTH are in the same network segment.

1 How to setup the VTO

1.1 Step 1 Login as below pic. And input username and password.

1.2 setup the device type according to the real situation from ‘Local Setting’—’Basic’—’Device Type’.

1.3 Set the Villa Call No, this number will depend on VTH, it is VTH room number.Because 1 VTO call 1 VTH, so the ‘Group call’ doesn’t need to be ticked. And the ‘VTO No.’ you can set from ‘Household Setting’—’VTO No. Management’, please see the second picture

1.4 From ‘Network Setting’—’Basic’, you can change the IP of the device

1.5 Enable ‘SIP Server’, and choose ‘Server Type’ to be VTO, the ‘password’ is 123456, it is register password, you will input the password into VTH. And some other configuration please see the following picture.

2 How to setup the VTH

2.1 Step 1 long press the ‘setting’ icon (for about 6 seconds) -> password verification (default password is 888888). Then enter to project setting

2.2 Step 2 Check ‘Network’, setup the IP of VTH. Check ‘VTH Config’, set Room number of VTH, it should be the same with the VTH Short number in VTO web setting.

2.3 Step 3 Set SIP Server , please see the following picture.

2.4 Step 4 Add VTO2000A in ‘VTO Config’, setup the IP address, username and password of VTO,

and enable it. The username and password are the VTO web interface login ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.

2.5 Step 5 After 10min check the result