10   How to configure: mobile App DMSS

10.1 How to configure: DMSS

Step 1  Make sure the VTO is connected to the public network.

Step 2  Login VTO web interface, Check System Config -> Network config -> P2P, you need to ‘Enable’ it. When connected successfully, the status shows ‘Online’.

Step 3  Open the ‘DMSS’ App -> ‘Door’, touch ‘+’ to add new device. Select ‘P2P’ connection way to connect with VTO2000A.

Step 4  touch ‘SN’ to scan QR code shown on the web interface, input ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ of VTO2000A. You must enable ‘push notification’, or the mobile phone can not receive the call from VTO. Then touch ‘Start to Preview’.




10.2 Check Result


Call from VTO:





Press the  icon to answer.



Unlock the door:


Check alarm information