9     How to configure: SmartPSS

9.1   How to register to the platform

Step 1  VTO web interface- > System Config - >LAN Config, input MGT center IP Address, and check ‘Register to the MGT’.

Step 2  If you check ‘Call VTS ’, during the set time, all of the calls from VTO will directly transfer to MGT center and VTH does not receive the call.

Step 3  If you enable ‘No answer transfer to MGT’, the call will transfer to MGT when nobody answered.

Note: ‘No Answer Transfer’ and ‘Leaving Message’ functions have only one enable at one time. If you want to enable ‘No Answer Transfer’ function, you must set ‘VTO Message Time’ as 0 second (setting -> General -> Other).

Step 4  Click ‘OK’ to save and reboot the device.

Step 5  Add device on SmartPSS. Click ‘Auto Search’ to search the devices, and select the VTO and VTH to add.

Note: In cybersecurity baseline, you must input the correct account and password. For VTH, account is ‘admin’, password is projecting password (default 888888).

Step 6  Modify VTS Address to the MGT center IP address.

9.2   Check result

MGT center Calls VTH:

 VTH Calls MGT center: