6     How to configure: snapshot, video & audio message and record

All the three functions need a micro SD card (max to 32GB) inserted in VTH. When you insert a SD card in VTH, there will be a ‘SD card’ icon at the top right corner .

6.1   How to setup: VTH automatic snapshot

When no one answered, VTH will automatically capture and save 3 pictures no matter the visitor leaves a message or not.

Step 1  Short press ‘Setting’, and input password (default psw is 123456).

Step 2  General -> Other, enable ‘Auto Capture’.

Check the pictures:

Info -> Video Pic, all the three pictures are shown here.

6.1   How to leave and check messages

When you call VTH without any answer, you can leave a massage at the end of the call.

Step 1  Press the call button of VTO.

Step 2  When the calling time is over, you will hear ‘Please press the button to leave the message’, and then press the call button.

Step 3  When you hear ’Please leave the message after the beep’, you can leave your message after the beep. Press the call button to save. Note: only messages over 5 seconds can be saved. When you hear ‘The message is completed’, it indicates that the message has been saved.

Check the message:


Step 1  Check Info -> Guest Message -> Unread, you can see all the unread messages.

Step 2  Click the video to view.


6.2   How to snapshot and record


Snapshot and record when monitoring VTO


Step 1  Check ‘Monitor’ -> ‘Door’, select one VTO to monitor.


Step 2  Click the ‘snap ’button to take a pic. One snapshot will save two pictures.


Step 3       Click the ‘Record’ button to record, the video time is at least 5 seconds and you can manually stop recording

 Snapshot and record when calling from VTO


Check the video and pictures:


Step 1       Check Info -> Video Pic, you can see all the video and pictures.


Step 2       Click the video or pictures to view.