5     How to add IPC

There are two different ways to add IPC: add IPC at VTO web interface (24ch) or add IPC at VTH (8ch). If you add IPC at VTO web interface, all the VTHs added on the VTO can monitor the IPC. If you add IPC at one VTH, only this VTH can monitor the IPC.

5.1   How to add public IPC

Step 1  Login IPC web interface , Setup -> Camera -> Video.

Note: For cybersecurity baseline, VTH monitor support both main stream and sub stream of IPC (Resolution below 720P, H.265 is not supported). Sub stream is recommended. Don’t select watermark settings.

Step 2  Login in VTO web interface , System Config -> IPC Information, click ‘Modify’ icon to add IPC.

Step 3  Setup IPC name, IP, Username and Password.

Step 4  Select the protocol: Local for Dahua IPC and Onvif for Onvif IPC. Other information keep default.

5.2   How to add privacy IPC

You can add IPC directly, and you can add IPC on one certain channel of NVR/ DVR/HCVR as well.

Step 1  Press ‘Monitor’ icon, select ‘IPC’.

Step 2  Press ‘+Add’ to add new privacy IPC. If the network bandwidth is limited, you had better choose ‘Extra’.

Add IPC which is connected on NVR:

5.3   Check result

Press ‘Monitor’ icon, select ‘IPC’, then you can see all added IPC including public IPC and privacy IPC.

You can monitor the public IPC at master and extension VTH.

You can monitor the privacy IPC only at the VTH who added it.