3     How to configure: 1 VTO + m VTH

If there are more than 2 VTHs, you can set group call function of VDP. Maximum support for 5 VTH.

3.1   How to setup the VTO

Step1   Login VTO2000A web interface , System Config -> LAN Cofig, make sure to tick the ‘Group Call’, and click OK to save.

Step2   System Config -> Indoor Manager, click on ‘Add’. You need to input room number of VTH in the ‘VTH Short No’, such as 101. Refer to Chapter 2.1 step 3.

Step 3  Reboot the device.

3.2   How to setup the master VTH and extension VTH

Note: maximum support 5 VTH (1 main VTH and 4 extension VTH). The master VTH’s room number is set as 101, and extension VTH’s room number should set as 101-1,101-2,101-3,101-4.

Step 1  Master VTH add VTO. Set room number as 101. Add VTO2000A in ‘VTO Config’ and enable it.

Step 2  Extension VTH add VTO. Setup extension VTH’s room number in ‘VTH Config’, press ‘Master’ and switch to ‘Extension’. Set the room number as 101-1, and input the master VTH’s IP, master name: admin, master pwd: 888888.

Step 3  After setting up, the VTO information of master VTH has been synchronized to extension VTH, and then enable it.

3.3   Check result

After the above operation steps, if the top right corner of VTH shows an icon with ‘X’ , means configuration failed. If shows , it means successfully.

Master VTH calls extension VTH

Call -> Call User, input ’-1’, and press the call button.

Extension VTH calls master VTH

Call -> Call User, input room number ’101’, and press the call button.