2. How to configure: 1 VTO + 1 VTH

Note: When you want to connect the devices, please make sure the IP address of VTO and VTH are in the same network segment.

2.1   How to setup the VTO

Step 1  Login as below pic. The default username and password are both ‘admin’. The first login requires changing password. System Config -> Local Config, setup the device type as ‘villa station’.

Step 2  System Config -> Local Config, setup the Building number, Building Unit number and VTO number.

Note: the setting range of VTO number is 6901~6999, and the number format is 69XX.

Step 3  The MGT setting is usually for apartment system, if there is a management center in the villa system, you can configure the MGT; if not necessary, just keep default. For detailed configuration instructions, see section 9(How to configure: SmartPSS).

Step 4  System Config -> Indoor Manager, click on ‘Add’. You need to input room number of VTH, such as 101. Other information is not required.

Step 5  Reboot the device.

2.2   How to setup the VTH

Step 1  long press the ‘setting’ icon (for about 6 seconds) -> password verification (default password is 888888). Then enter to project setting.

Step 2  Check ‘Network’, setup the IP of VTH. Check ‘VTH Config’, set Room number of VTH, it should be the same with the VTH Short number in VTO web setting.

Step 3  Add VTO2000A in ‘VTO Config’, setup the IP address, username and password of VTO, and enable it. The username and password are the VTO web interface login ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.

2.3   Check result

After the above operation steps, if the top right corner of VTH shows an icon with ‘X’ , means configuration failed. If shows  , it means successfully.