How to set the alarm event

Function introduction:

For VMS, alarm is very important part. Alarm function mainly focus on how to deliver the alarm info to Operator efficiently and how to check and handle alarm conveniently.

Step by Step Instruction:

Part1.Select alarm source and type

Step1.Login to the Web manager. New tabàEvent.

Click to add a new event scheme.

Step2.Select alarm type under “Alarm Type” on the left. Take Motion Detect as an example.

Select alarm source under “Alarm Source” on the right.

Click “Alarm Link” to continue.

Part2. Alarm Linkage.

Step1. In alarm linkage interface, click to list all link actions.

Set alarm link action according to need. You can choose one or several link actions at the same time.

If no need, you can click “Alarm Attribute” to skip this step to continue event setup.

Step2.Link cameras.(optional)

Click to choose Link cameras.

On the left, check video channel. On the right, check position, record stream, enter record time, prerecord time.

If you need to snapshot when this alarm is triggered, check “Snapshot a picture of camera when alarm is triggered”.

If you need to pop up the channel on desktop or show the channel on preview, check “Open camera video on client when alarm is triggered”.

Step3.Link PTZ. (optional)

Click to choose Link PTZ.

Select speed dome device on the left, and set preset position on the right.
When an alarm occurs, the PTZ will turn to the Preset point for monitoring.

Step4.Link alarm output. (optional)

Click to choose Link cameras.

If there is external alarm output device, you can select corresponding output channel, and set alarm duration.

Step5.Link Video Wall. (optional)

For “Link Bind Camera”

1) Click to choose Link Video Wall.2) Click Video Wall drop down box to choose the video wall, then click “Video Wall Window Setup” to add alarm window.

3) Enter the duration time.

Select a screen, click to input the alarm window number,then click OK.

4) Move the window1 to a suitable location. Click OK to finish.

For “Select camera”

   1) Select the channel on the left. When the alarm triggered, this channel will show in the alarm window.

   2) Select the Video wall in the drop down box, then select the existing alarm window(Skip to step5), or click to add a new alarm window.

   3) Input the duration time. Select a screen, clickto input the alarm window number,then click OK.

   4) Move the window2 to a suitable location. Click OK to finish.

   5) Select the Window, click Alarm Attribute to continue. 

Step6. Link Email.(optional)

If you want send e-mail,Please configure the E-mail Server first

1) Click to choose Link Email.

2) Select Email template. You can choose the default or create a new template.

After you choose one, the email template will show here.

Clickafter the Address to select the user. Click OK.

step7. Link User.

1) Click to choose Link User.

2) Select the user which want to receive the alarm when the alarm is triggered.

Step8.After you have finish all the link actions configuration. Click Alarm Attribute to continue.

Part3.Alarm Attribute

Step1.Input the alarm event name.

Step2.Choose the Time Template, you can choose the existing or create a new one.r

step3. Choose the Priority. Then click OK to finish.

Step4. The alarm event you created shows here.

Click, to enable or disable the alarm event.

Click, to modify the alarm event.Click , to delete the alarm event.