How to set the group quota

Function introduction:

For central storage, you can do disk quota to manage the storage. For example, you can create two disk group, one group with big capacity and another disk group with small capacity.

When disk group is full, it will be overwritten. So you can use disk group capacity to decide how long to store the video. If those channels are very important you can give a big capacity to this group, otherwise you can give a small capacity.

Step by Step Instruction:

Step1.Login to the Web manager. Click “Group Quota” tab.

System shows the online the status of the server.

Step2. Click  to the right of the “Online” server.

A dialogue box of “Edit ISCSI” pops up.

Step3. Create the disk group.

Select the unallocated disks on the left, and click , to add them to the group list on the right. Click “Next” to allocate channels for disk group.

Step4. Choose the channel.

Select channels from device list on the left, and click , to add them to the disk group on the right. Click “OK”.