How to add the device

Step-by-step instructions:

Part1. Initialize the device

For the security, the uninitialized status of the new device is “uninitialized”. It need initialize first to change the password before to be added.

Step1. Login to the web manager. Choose the uninitialized device, click “initialize device”.

Step2.Change the password. You can bind the email or click cancel. Then set the new IP of the device. Click OK.

Part2. Automatic search

Automatic search, DSS will discover the Dahua devices on the network.

You can set IP segment to search the device on the specific IP segment.

Step1.Login to the Web manager. Click “Find Device ” in the upper part of “Device” interface, System will automatically search devices.

Step2. Click “Device network” to set IP you want to search, or search entire network segment by default.

Step3.Check devices to be added and click, a dialogue box “Batch Add” pops up.

Step4.Click OK after select “Org” and “Video Server” from the dropdown list, and input “Username” and “Password” of device.

Part3.Manually add device

Step1. Click “add”, a dialogue box of “Add All” pops up

Step2.Select “IP address” when choose add type from drop-down list. Other information configure in common .Select “Adding Protocols”, “Manufacturer” , “Device Category”, “Org” and “Video Server”, and input “IP Address”, “Device Port” and “Username/Password”, then click “Add” . System continues to add encoder.

Step3.Choose “Device Type” and input “Device Name”, “Video Channel”, “Alarm Input / Output Channel”.

Step4.Click Ok to finish.