How to allpy License

License introduction:

DSS Pro trial rules lists in this table as below.

Free Trail Rules For DSS Pro
Trail time


Video (Encoding)

32 channels


Face Recognition

2 channels


2 channels


2 channels



Business Intelligence

The trail period lasts 90 days, it is recommended to purchase License after the trail period. Or it fails to use ‘Device”, “Event”, “Storage” or “TV Wall” when you log in DSS management, and it cannot log in client or mobile APP.

Step by Step Instruction:

Step1.Export license request

1) Login to the web manager. Click the License-“Step1.Export license request file” to pop up the upgrate interface.

2) Enter channel number and select module according to actual purchase

, click Export to generate the application file. It’s a zip package like this


Step2.Contact salesman

     Send authorization application file to sales, which is used to acquire authorization file.

Step3. Import the license.

1) After the sales send the authorization file to you, you need to load the file.

2) Click License-“Import the license”. Then Click “Browse” and select the uploaded License file. Click “Import” and complete License loading.

Step4. Check License.

After loading the system prompts that authorization information has changed, and then the program starts again.

Log in DSS management end again, click “License Details” on the “Homepage” interface, and check License.