How to sync time with server


Part1. Device & Slave Server Sync Time

Function introduction:

Device sync time is to sync time on front-end device with platform server. DSS platform supports devices of Dahua, Hikvision and ONVIF protocol.

View platform server time: Server time where the DSS Pro server is installed.

Step by Step Instruction:

Step1. Login DSS web manager. Click and select “System” to enter system management module.

Step2.Click “Time Sync” tab, enable Sever time Sync, and set parameter.

Auto Sync:

1) For example, we need to sync the time every day at 12 o’clock. In this case, the start time is 12 and Sync interval is 24 hours.

2) Click Save to finish configuration. System sync time of devices according to the time you have set.

Manually Sync:

Click “Immediatelly” to sync the time immediately.

Part2.Client Sync Time

Function introduction:

Client sync time is to sync DSS Client time with platform server. After sync time is enabled on Web Manager, sync time on Client is enabled as well. However, you must go to local config on Client to accept this sync separately before sync time on Client.

View client time: PC time where the DSS Client is installed.

Step by Step Instruction:

Step1.Enable the sync time function refer to Part1.

Step2.Login DSS Client, click   at the upper-right corner, open local config.

Step3. Select General tab, enable net time, click “Save”.

Step4. On Manager, click “Immediately” button, then PC time where Client is installed will sync with DSS server time immediately.