How to download the PC Client



Step by Step Instruction:

Part1.Download and install the clientStep1.Input the IP address of the DSS Pro server in IE and click “Enter”. The system will display the “Login” interface. Click to download client. 

System pops up the “File Downloads” dialogue box. Click “Save” to download and save the DSS client software on the PC.


Step2. Double click the client installation applications to install. Please check I have read and agree the DSS agreement. Then click Next button to continue.

Step3. Select installation path. You can use the default path, or click browse button to customize path. Then click Install button to start installation.


Step4. System displays installation process. It takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete. Please be patient. The complete interface is shown as below.


After the installation complete, click Start Now to run the Client.



Part2.Login to the client


Step1.Double click the shortcut of Pro client to run the Client.

Step2. Enter “User Name” and “Password”.

Step3. Click to input “Server IP” and “Port”

Note:“Server IP” means the IP address of the DSS server platform, the default https Port of DSS Pro is “443”.



Step 4.  Click “Login”. The “Preview Page” shows as the default page.

: Click to turn on/off the alarm sound.


: Click and jump to the “Alarm Center” page to see details of alarms.


: Click to show login username and server IP. You can also change the password, lock the client, view the Help section and the Version, and sign out here.


: Open the “Local Config” to do the local configuration.