How to login the Web Manager

Running Environments:

To login to the DSS Pro platform, IE9 and higher, Google Chrome, or Firefox is required.

Step by Step Instructions:

Step1.Input the IP address of the DSS server in IE and click “Enter”, the system will display the login interface.

Step 2. Input username and password, the default username and password is system and 123456 respectively. For the homepage pops up after logging in.

Note: When logging in with the initial password, a dialogue box f or changing the password will pop up. In order to continue logging in, you must change the initial password. 

Step3.After login Web, here shows the homepage of Web manager.

  • Change the password or log out, click username on the right upper corner.
  • Overview: For displaying the online/offline status of devices, users, services, as well as the occupied space on the hard discs.
  • License: To view the license details, and purchase the license file by following related procedures if necessary.
  • Help: To view and download the User Manual and FAQ files of the platform. Show the version of the platform.
  • Click, to display all the modules on the interface, including all functional modules and system maintenance modules.