How to install DSS server?

Running Environments:

1) Operating System for server:

    Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)

    Windows 10 Enterprise

    Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

2) Hardware for Server:

E5-2640 v3@2.60GHz
8Core Processor
E3-1220 v5@2.60GHz  
4 Core Processor
System Disk
1TB, 500G free for DSS
1TB, 500G free for DSS
Ethernet port
2 Ports@1000Mbps




Step by Step Instruction:

Part1.Before Installation

 The IP address and the time of the DSS Pro server are the same as the server it is installed on. So we need to set the IP address and time first.

1) Set Server IP Address

   Step 1.  Connect server and switch via Ethernet cable.

   Step 2.  Click “Start”,and select Network.

   Step 3.  In-pop up page, select “Change adapter settings”. corresponding network card to set IP V4 address.

2) Set the Time of Server.

   Step 1. Click system time at the lower right corner in windows.

   Step 2. Set time and time zone.

Part2.Install and Run.

    Step1.Double click to enter installation mode.

    Step2. Please check I have read and agree the DSS agreement. Click Next button to enter next step.

   Step3. Choose Master When install a Master sever, click Next.

  • In single-server system, choose Master to install server.
  • In distributed system, choose Master to install master server, choose Slave to install slave server.
  • The default https port is 443.

Step4. Select installation path. You can use the default path, or click browse button to customize path. Then click Install button to start installation.

  • Choose whether to add DSS Server shortcuts.

Step5. It shows progress bar of installation and this takes about 3-5 minutes, please wait.

       Notes: It stuck for a few minutes approaching end of installation process, because it is initializing the database before installation finishes. Length of initialization depends on execution of initialization script by current PC.

Step6. After installation complete, click Start Now to run DSS Pro server.

Step7.  Check whether all services status are normally running.

Notes: Online means the service is normally, offline means the service is abnormal. If the status of some services are offline for a long time, click restart DSS to restart the server. If it doesn’t work, please contact technical support.