1 Specification Description

1.1  Introduction to Compression Cards in System



Functional Module



Platform Host

Video Matrix Platform-4U-E

Video Matrix Platform host

1 4U host case,support 10 Function Cards  

1 MBC0004 main control panel        

1 control panel l                        

1 built-in power adaptor

Standard (dual- redundant power optional)

Input Module


HD-SDI encoding card

8-ch HD-SDI video input (BNC) l 2-ch RS485 interface



DVI encoding card

4-ch DVI video input

Optional (support DVI, VGA, HDMI)


HDCVI encoding card

8-ch BNC video input (HDCVI)



VGA encoding card

4-ch VGA video input



HDMI encoding card

4-ch HDMI video input



CVBS encoding card

32-ch CVBS video input l 2-ch RS485 interface


Output Module


4K decoding card

4-ch DVI video output interface



HDMI decoding card

6 HDMI video output interface

Optional (only support )

1.2 Introduction of Encoding Card - VEC0404HH



A/V Input

Video Input

4-ch, HDMI

Audio Input

4-ch, HDMI interface (embedded)

A/V Encoding Parameter

Encoding Parameter Video Compression Standard

H.264, MPEG4

Video Encoding Resolution

1080P, 1680×1050, 1440×900, 1366×768, 1280×1024, 1280×960, 1280×800, 1280×720, 1152×864, 1024×768, 800×600

Video Frame

1 fps~60 fps

Code rate

3584kbps~8192kbps, customizable, max 8192kbps

Dual Stream


Audio Compresson Standard

G711a, PCM, G711u

Audio Code Rate


1.3 Introduction of Decoding Card - VDC0605H



A/V Input

Video Output

6-ch HDMI video interface; Support 4K output display(4-ch supports 4K, 2-ch supports 1080P)


6-ch HDMI interface, audio embedded

A/V Encoding Parameter

Video Compression Standard

H.264, H.265, MPEG4, SVAC, MJPEG

Decoding Resolution


Video output resolution

4096×2160@30fps , 3840×2160@30fps , 1920×1080P@60fps , 1280×1024P@60fps , 1280×720P@60fps, 1024×768P@60fps

Video Process Capacity

8-ch 4096×2160@25fps,
8-ch 3840×2160@30fps,
32-ch 1080p@30fps(H.264, H.265),
72-ch 720p@30fps, 150-ch D1 decoding l 32-ch 1080P H.265 decoding l
8-ch 1080P SVAC decoding l
24-ch non-standard D1 decoding

Display Mode

1/4/6/8/9/16/25/36 split, free split

2 Quick Installation

2.1  Remove interface sheath on rear panel of the case.

Please remove the black interface sheath before inserting Function Card. 

2.2  Insert main control panel and control panel into slots and tighten screws.

When inserting main control panel and control panel, pull the extraction tool, and then insert the panel in place by pushing the extraction tool inward.         

2.3  Insert Functional Card according to actual needs. Its installation mode is the same as that of main control panel and control panel.          

2.4  Insert left and right fan boxes into corresponding positions, until the top snap joint is fixed.

2.5  Insert power supply and fix it.

2.6  Connect network interface 2 of main control panel and network interface of control panel with a gigabit network cable; connect network interface 1 of main control panel and client network.

To guarantee normal use, ensure that network interface 2 of main control panel and any network interface of control panel are connected with a gigabit network cable.

2,7  Ground terminal of Video Matrix Platform shall realize reliable grounding.


To guarantee personal safety and device safety, Video Matrix Platform and those devices (such as video wall and PC) connected with the platform with cables shall be grounded. 

At present, power supply of most devices can be grounded directly. In this case, their grounding terminals don’t require grounding treatment.        

2.8  Connect network cable, VGA cable and other cables according to actual needs.          

2.9  Plug in and press ON/OFF key to boot the device.