How to set initial configuration of LED? 


1. How to connect the device?

  • Before lighting up the LED videowall,you need prepare:

    • LED Splicing Screen 

    • Signal Cable (DVI cable or HDMI cable)

    • Power Cord

    • Sending Box

    • USB Data Cable

    • Computer (with DVI or HDMI interface)

  • DVI or HDMI cable connection

    • Connect computer and sending box for image display. 

  • USB data cable connection

    • Connect computer and sending box for software configuration.

  • Network cable connection

    • Connect receiver card and sending box for display signal distribution.

    • Cascading number of receiver card depends on the port capacity of sending box.

  • Sending box cascading

    • Connect HDMI Loop ports of both via HDMI cable if one sending box is not enough.

2. How to installation the software?

  • Dahua LED System Software Setup

  • Open the software package and select the language, then click “Next” button.

  • Just click “Next”  when turn to the second wizard interface.

  • Click “Browse” to select a installation path.

  • Click “Next”

  • Dahua LED System Software Setup

  • Select all components if it’s first time to setup the software.

  • Click “Install”.

  • Click “Finish”.

3. How to select the PC display mode?

  • Press shortcut key (windows + P) on computer to see if it is in Duplicate mode or Extend mode. If not, please select one of them.

  • Select “Duplicate” display mode and  LED Splicing Screen will display all that is displaying on the computer.

  • Select “Extend” display mode and drag display information to left screen, then LED Splicing Screen will only display what is displaying on the second screen.

4. How to select the software mode?

  • lSelect i Series Mode to open the hidden function before using

  • Click “Setting” in the menu bar.

  • Select “Software Setting” in the dropdown menu. 

  • Select “i Series Mode” in the Mode Setting menu.

  • Select i Series Mode to open the hidden function before using

  • Input “168” in the Admin password dialogue box.