How to reset password?


  • Dahua XVR (GUI4.0) running the latest firmware.
  • A display connected to the Dahua recorder.

Step by Step Instruction

1. Know old password

  • To modify device password, enter MAIN MENU-> ACCOUNT. Here take admin as an example.

(1) Click in the row of “admin”.

(2) Tick in “Modify Password”, for default the box is gray; for other user the box is highlighted.

(3) Enter old password and desired new password.

(4) For safety, please create a strong password. It’s recommended to change the password periodically especially in the high security system.

(5) Click “OK” to complete password reset.

2. Forget old password(Reset the password by email or security questions)

(1) Click. 

(2) If you have not input email address information when you are initializing the device, Please input an email address and then click Next button.

(3) There are two ways to reset the password: Scan QR code and reset by email/security questions (local menu only)

(4) Use the APP to scan QR code to get encryption strings, and then send the strings to Then you can get the Security code, input the code, then you can reset the password.

(5) Answer the question you’ve ever set.

(6) If the answer is right, we can reset the password now.

(7) The dialogue pops up to ask whether sync the remote device IP if there is an IP channel.

(8) Successfully modifying the password.

3. Forget old password(Reset the password by Reset Button)

(1) Disconnect the Device from power source, and then remove the cover panel.

(2) Find the reset button on the mainboard, and then press and hold the reset button, meanwhile start the device. After 5~10 seconds, release the button and the system will be factory default.