How to search the record and snapshot playback?


  • Dahua XVR (GUI4.0) running the latest firmware.
  • A display connected to the Dahua recorder.

Step by Step Instruction

1. Search Type

Select Main Menu > VIDEOThere are many options available to filter for specific records and snapshots.

(1) On the right of the search panel, choose records source, from HDD or I/O device, when search from I/O device, only DAV files are supported.

(2) Meanwhile, choose the file type, record or Snapshot(PIC) that you want to check.

2. Calendar

Choose the date of the file. The white point under date means there is picture or record.


Choose the CAM NAME.

  • Note: Click to switch the streams. indicates main stream, and  indicates sub stream.

4. Record Type

  • Filter the files by the trigger mode, they can be a multiple combination of regular, alarm, motion detect and intelligence.
  • E.g. If I select the Motion and Intel, I can only search the Motion record/picture or intelligent event record/picture

The time zone color of different event triggered record is different, just the same as the choice box color.