How to backup the record?


  • Dahua XVR (GUI4.0) running the latest firmware.
  • A display connected to the Dahua recorder.

Step by Step Instruction

1. Normal Backup

(1) In search interface, click file list button.

(2) Tick the files that you want to backup.

(3) Click the backup button.

(4) After select or create new folder, click the “Backup” button to begin the backup operation. For one device, if there is a backup in process, you can not start a new backup operation.

2. Clip Backup

Select a recorded video that you want to play.

(1) Click   to start playing from the beginning.

(2) Double-click anywhere in the time bar colored area to start playback.

(3) Click on the time bar to select the start time, and then click   to start clipping. Click on the time bar to select the end time, and then click   to stop clipping.

(4) Click .

Note: Maximum 1024 files can be backed up at one time. The files that are selected in the File List cannot be clipped.

3. One Touch Backup

(1) Go to Main Menu > BACKUP, insert a USB storage and choose the path to store.

(2) Select file type, it can be MD, alarm and so on.

(3) Set filter rules, such as time, channel and format.

(4) Click ”Search” to load qualified files.

(5) Select the files to be backed up.

(6) Click “Backup” to begin backup, wait for the process bar to be filled. Click “Stop” to stop backup at any time of the process.

4. Remote Backup

Login the recorder from web.

(1) Select “BACKUP”, set the parameters, click “Search”.

(2) Select the files and click “BACKUP” to backup the recorder file to PC.