How to record motion detection video?


  • Dahua XVR (GUI4.0) running the lat啊est firmware.
  • A display connected to the Dahua recorder.

Step by Step Instruction

1. Enable motion detection

(1)Go to Main Menu > ALARM > VIDIEO DETECT > Motion Detect page, select a channel and check “Enable”.

(2)Set region that will apply motion detect, it works on the whole image by default.

(3)Select the record channel.

(4)Tick in the box to enable sound indication when motion detect is triggered.

(5)Click “Apply” to activate the function.

2. Set recording schedule

  • Schedule record means that the video is recorded automatically according to the schedule.

(1)Set Record Mode

  • Auto record means start/stop the record automatically. Select “Auto” to enable scheduled recording of corresponding channel(s).

(2)Set Record Schedule

  • Main Menu > STORAGE > SCHEDULE > Record.

(1)Select the record channel.

(2)Select the record type as MD.

(3)You can draw the record period directly.

(4)Also you can click the  button to set surveillance plan for everyday in detail. Currently supports 6 time periods everyday.

(5)Users can set up to 6 surveillance periods in one day, and for each time period there are 6 recording types to choose from: General, MD(Motion Detect), alarm, MD & alarm, Intel, POS.