How to use the navigation bar?


  • Dahua XVR (GUI4.0) running the latest firmware.
  • A display connected to the Dahua recorder.

Step by Step Instruction

  • You can access the functions to perform operations through the function icons on the navigation bar.

        Note: The navigation bar is disabled by default. It does not appear in the live view screen until it is enabled. To enable it, select Main Menu > SYSTEM > GENERAL> Navigation Bar, enable the Navigation Bar, and then click Apply.

1. Enable Navigation Bar

  • Open main menu, Main Menu > SYSTEM > GENERAL, tick in the red box to enable navigation bar.
  • Using navigation bar, users can do some quick operations.

2. Navigation Bar Operation

Once navigation bar is enabled, click at the middle bottom of the background to call out the function

1) Main menu, Click to go to the main menu interface.

2) Select corresponding window-split mode or output channels.

3) Previous/Next Screen, Click  to go to the previous screen, click  to go to the next screen.

4) Tour switch, Click to enable tour, the icon becomes , and the tour is in process.

5) Favorites settings, Click ,users can add or edit current split style as favorites.

6) Channel, left click to select a channel on the tree and then drag it to the preview window on the left pane. For example, drag channel 13 to channel 2 in a 4-split interface.

7) Click , system goes to the PTZ control interface.

8) Color, click  , system goes to the color interface as previously introduced.

9) Search, system goes to search interface where users can search for specific videos or pictures.

10) Event, click , system goes to alarm status interface. It is to view device status and channel status.

11) Channel info, click , system goes to the channel information setup interface. It is to view information of the corresponding channel.

12) Remote Device, click  system goes to an interface to view and add remote device.

13) Network, click  , system goes to the network interface. It is to set network IP address, default gateway and subnet mask.

14) HDD manage, Click  , system goes to the HDD manager interface where uses can format the HDD.

15) USB manager, file, log and configuration can be backed up and system can get upgraded here.