How to set video standard of camera and recorder?

For the security consideration, you should be initialize the device after factory default.


  • Dahua XVR (GUI4.0) running the latest firmware.
  • A display connected to the Dahua recorder.

Step by Step Instruction

1. Set video standard in OSD menu

 1) Go to OSD menu

  •  Right click in the main interface, select “PTZ control”, click the right-pointed arrow and there will be the OSD button. Click the button  and there will be the OSD menu.

2) Set Video Standard

  • Select “Format” by clicking the up and down directions on the scroll wheel, then click left and right directions to select the preferred format mode.

2. Set video standard in Recorder

  • To set at the recorder, go to MAIN MENU->SYSTEM->GENERAL->General, here the red box shows currently adopted standard, select from the dropdown list for the preferred standard.