How to search for and playback record files? 

There are many options available to filter for specific records and snapshots. 


 Dahua NVR running the latest firmware. 

 display connected to the Dahua recorder. 

Step by Step Instruction 

1. Search for records and snapshots 

There are many options available to filter for specific records and snapshots. 


a) On the right of the search panel, choose records source, from HDD or I/O device, when search from I/O device, only DAV files are supported.  

b) Meanwhile, choose the file type —— record, picture or slice that you want to check. 

Splice playback function can play the same file in several sections at the same time. 


c) Also, we can choose record files according to the date and channel(camera) name. 


d) If we choose the multiple split mode to playback, the choice “Sync” can enable/disable to control if all the windows are playback at the same time or not. 

e) Filter the files by event they contain, they can be a multiple combination of regular, alarm, motion detect and intelligence. The time zone color of different event triggered record is different. 


2. Playback 

Frame by Frame 

Playback frame by frame provides us the ability to inspect every moment of the suspicious video. 

 In the near bottom of the search interface, there is a play control bar. Click  button to pause a video that is playing. 

 Click  and  button to view next/last frame. In playback mode, click them to play previous/next record section. 

 Click button again to continue playing the video and exit frame-by-frame playback mode.  


Mark Playback 

Users can mark the record when there is important information, and then use keywords to search for these records easily after playback. 

 In search interface, click the mark button and the following interface will appear. 

 Give a name for the mark and click “OK”. 

 To play the marked record, click the search mark button in playback interface, double click one marked file to play it from the marked time. 



Playback Lock 

Users can lock those files that do not want to be overwritten when HDD is full. 

In search interface, click file list switch button. 

Click the file you want to lock and click the button  to lock. The file you locked will not be overwritten. 

Click thebutton to view the locked file. 

Files which are being written or overwritten cannot be locked.