How to use the control bar?


  • Dahua NVRrunning the latest firmware.
  • A display connected to the Dahua recorder.

Step by Step Instruction

  • Control Bar

Move the mouse to the top center of the video of current channel, the control bar will show up.

(1) Instant Play: It is to replay the previous 5-60 minutes record of current channel. Main menu->Setting->General to reset real-time playback time.

(2) Zoom: Click the button and select an interested region to view the zoomed in image, or just point the cursor to the interested point and scroll up and down.

(3) Manual Snapshot: Click it to take snapshots manually.

(4) Real-time Backup: It is to backup the video of current channel to the USB device. Click button , system begins recording. Click it again, system stops recording.

(5) Audio Talk: Click the button to enable the bidirectional talk function, which will cancel bidirectional talk of other IP channels temporarily.