How to set the camera encode parameters?


  • Dahua NVR running the latest firmware.
  • A display connected to the Dahua recorder.

Step by Step Instruction

1. Video Encode

Main Menu->CAMERA->ENCODE, in this page we can set parameters relating to video performance, such as:

(1) Compression: according to different product types there are different choices, mainly H.264.

(2) Resolution: choose the proper resolution.

(3) Bit Rate Type: CBR (constant bit rate) & VBR (variable bit rate).

(4) Set sub stream parameters: similar with main stream.

(5) Click “Apply” to activate the settings.

(6) Click “Save” to reserve the settings.

2. Audio Encode

Audio setup is in the encode page as well.

(1) Tick in the first box to enable audio/video of main stream. The last two box correspond to sub stream.

(2) There are two options: local/HDCVI. For local mode, the audio signal is from the Audio In port. For HDCVI mode, the audio signal is from the coaxial cable of the camera.