How to set Startup Wizard?

After you successfully initialize the device, it goes to startup wizard.


  • Dahua NVR running the latest firmware.
  • A display connected to the Dahua recorder.

Step by Step Instruction

1. Startup Wizard

Select auto check, device automatically checks there is new applications or not every day.

2. General Setting

a) Click Next button,

b) Click General button.

c) Set parameters:

  Instant replay: It is to set playback time you can view in the preview interface. The value ranges from 5 to 60 minutes.

  Auto logout: Here is for you to set auto logout interval once login user remains inactive for a specified time. Value ranges from 0 to 60 minutes.

  Monitor channels when logout: Here you can set channels you want to view when your account has logged out.

  Navigation bar: Check the box here, system displays the navigation bar on the interface.

  IPC Time Sync: You can input an interval here to synchronize the NVR time and IPC time.

  Mouse sensitivity: You can set double click speed via dragging the slide bard.

  You can Click Default button to restore default setup.

d) Click Apply button to save settings.


3. Date and Time

a) Click Date and time button.

b) Set parameters.

c) Click Apply button to save settings.

4. Holiday

a) Click Holiday button.

b) Click Add new holiday button, device displays the following interface.

c) Set holiday name, repeat mode and holiday mode.

d) Click Add more to add new holiday information.

e) Click Apply button to save settings.

5. Basic Network Settings

a) Click Next button, device goes to TCP/IP interface.

b) Click, device display edit interface.

c) Set parameters.

6. P2P 

Scan the QR code, download the App to the cellphone, you can use the smart phone to add the device.

Before use the P2P function, make sure the NVR has connected to the WAN.

7.Camera Registration

a) Device search: Click the button, you can search all network cameras in the same network segment. Double click a camera or check the camera box and then click Add button, you can add a device to the list.

b) Manual Add: Click Manual Add button, you can set the corresponding network camera information and then select the channel you want to add.

c) Click OK to add the camera to the device.

8. Schedule 

After set record schedule and snapshot schedule, the device can automatically record video and snapshot image at the specified time.


Click Finish button, system pops up a dialogue box.

Click the OK button, the startup wizard is complete.